Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was hoping to save time today by sending my 16 year old to the ATM to get some cash out. I thought I gave a complete tutorial on using an ATM... my pin number, what to push and not to push. My only mistake was forgetting to tell him that if you leave the card in the ATM (after the transaction) LONGER that TEN SECONDS, the ATM will suck your card back in as a security measure. Said card will not be available until after 11:00 am on the next business day. I did not save myself time in the long run. Oh well, another little adult lesson learned for my teen ager. How to work an ATM. I know in their finance required class in high school they learn how to write checks, maybe a quick lesson on the fine art of using an ATM would be apropos?


Krista said...

yeah, the thought of using an ATM machine frightens me.
hope you don't mind me nosin around. i get bored working on a saturday afternoon

Amy said...

You are so fine, I enjoy reading your blog too. I love the picture of your little one and her dimples. She is a darling.

Pedaling said...

i opened tj his own account so he could easily get gas- i showed him how to use the atm- but didn't tell him about the sucking the card back in tip...thanks, i will do that now.
regarding the book,
i'd let you borrow it, but i borrowed it from my next door neighbor and someone is waiting behind me to get it next....sorry.

and i am so glad the soup worked out for your family!

Angelfish said...

I just got my ATM card eaten too! Poor Aaron!

Angelfish said...

hey! do you have any photos of Grace & Haylie from the beach that you could send me? I am gearing up for scrap/blog marathon after school starts. Thanks!!