Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was hoping to save time today by sending my 16 year old to the ATM to get some cash out. I thought I gave a complete tutorial on using an ATM... my pin number, what to push and not to push. My only mistake was forgetting to tell him that if you leave the card in the ATM (after the transaction) LONGER that TEN SECONDS, the ATM will suck your card back in as a security measure. Said card will not be available until after 11:00 am on the next business day. I did not save myself time in the long run. Oh well, another little adult lesson learned for my teen ager. How to work an ATM. I know in their finance required class in high school they learn how to write checks, maybe a quick lesson on the fine art of using an ATM would be apropos?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boy Humor At Its Best!

I am still laughing about Aaron's answer to Dog Patch - a girls choice casual dance this month at JHS. His date "double dog dared him" to go to the dance with millions of yummy dog bones around our front porch (well yummy to Roxy, she is still snacking on them!).
So, in keeping with the theme of "Dog Patch" Aaron and I were brain storming an answer to the girl in question last night. I must have been tired, caffeine deprived, or completely off my rocker because what we came up with was "boy humor" at its best.
Here is the story...
When Randy goes to Alaska he likes to bring home small gifts for the kids. Well, in Alaska what is there to bring home to the kids besides wild animal bones, animal fur, parts of animals?? Yes, that year the boys received wolf leg fur and paws. So we have 3 of these things floating around and I thought - PAWS - DOG PATCH - "PAWS"ITVELY - would work perfectly. Aaron knew right where to find that gross wolf part. Haylie was mortified and disgusted that we even had that and horrified that someone would cut of a leg of a wolf. Long explanations followed about how humanely this was done, etc.
The wolf paw was perfect for the answer. It read, YES! It will be "PAWS"ITVELY wonderful to go to Dog Patch with you! It was complete with the requisite cute dog clip art and tied off with a plum satiny ribbon.
But, alas, it was a dried up wolf paw and there is no getting over THAT fact.

Needless to say that the girl in question was quited shocked to receive her answer on her doorstep... and I feel a twinge of guilt for finding this answer so funny. I still am chuckling to myself even now. I blame it on the fact that I am surrounded by this boy humor and that is where I let it get away from me. I should have helped Aaron to sweeten up his answer and I should've kept my mouth shut about that Paw!
After we told Josh about the whole adventure, he was "DUH, I hope she returns it!"
I am sure it is deep down in her garbage can by now.

That's okay, we still have two more.