Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went to parent teacher conference with Aaron on Tuesday night. It was interesting in a few ways. First, six of his eight teachers are men. Usually, it is the other way around. I think that is awesome. I was so impressed with his math teacher and his physics teacher (I forgot he was taking physics. He is such a self motivated kid that sometimes what he is doing slips through the cracks of my scope.) Aaron says that his physics teacher reminds him of his grandpa Fisher. That is a big compliment to the teacher in terms of his intelligence and his kindness. You can't do better than emulate a loving grandpa.
These teachers - in fact all of his teachers - were genuinely interested in Aaron and if he was understanding the class material. I was a bystander while they talked with my son. I enjoyed listening to him talk, it was much more than the teen talk of "yeah, no, okay, sure", but real conversation. I got a glimpse of who he is becoming. It was a very enjoyable evening walking around and talking with him while we waited to see his teachers. For me there is not much to say to a teacher when his class percentage is 98.75% or 108.89%. Just a heartfelt thanks for being a good teacher, for loving to teach kids rather than loving a huge paycheck. I am grateful.

I loved the advice from his seminary teacher. He said to Aaron, "Do your scripture reading first thing before your homework and you will be so much further ahead when you begin your school studies. The Lord will see this and bless you."

Exactly. True.

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Cami said...

I had a very similar experience at Zachary's school yesterday. Makes you have a little more hope in the future knowing good people are out there teaching.