Monday, September 28, 2009

Reasons for my Headache

I am not sure why I have a killer headache today, so I have made a list of possibilities...
1. today is day 1 of a 12 week healthy eating plan and no processed sugar. (why do we do this to ourselves?) Knowing this...
2. Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookie dough to send up to Logan for Kylea and Eric (they got half the batch) and I over indulged with my spoon all afternoon long and aren't Sunday afternoons looooong? I never baked a single cookie, but sure enjoyed all that delicious cookie dough!
3. today I started a 4 week boot camp program at 6 am at the gym (again why?)
4. post neck strain from the car accident, sometimes I feel like I have an eighty year old neck - limited range of motion, and pain.
5. last night I stayed up way too late reading the newest Dan Brown novel - page 382 left me horrified (just keep reading through to the end and it will make sense - if any of his writing really makes sense.)

Pick a reason, they all qualify for helping to prolong the killer headache.

Do I really need to have dinner tonight? Is there a headache clause for the kitchen? The oven has been heated up for 1/2 hour and the salmon is defrosted in the sink...just a few more things to do before I can officially call it quits for the day.

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Angelfish said...

bummer! Back and neck pain is the pits! (after months of physical therapy it's still there!) Headaches are bad too. Could it be because you are hungry? or need caffeine? that's my issue sometimes. I'm home from church today with Gracie -flubaby- And washing my hands every 5 minutes! Paul and Ruth stopped by on their way to the beach this morning (I wanted to jump in the car with them!)--Maybe that's what you need for your headache, ya think? Feel better
~ Kori