Sunday, September 20, 2009


Those that live in our vicinity know that the exchange student we were expecting did not happen. A last minute cancellation of 77 visas by the state department put the brakes to a bunch of middle eastern kids coming to the US for a year. We were so sad. He was ready to travel in five days when the cancellation came. There was some investigating into some bad stuff with exchange students in PA - so instead of thinking that 99% of all the hosting families are good and honest and will actually feed their students (really, a couple of students were hospitalized for starving - hard to believe), the state department cancelled all their leadership scholarship winners (77) across the board.
Maybe we will be the chance to host him again next year. We did get an invite from Ali's mom to come to Jordan or Qatar anytime to visit... that would be a fun trip!

So - I do have a more organized, dejunked basement now. I probably wouldn't have tackled half of that during the summer if I didn't think I HAD to.

Lately, as if I didn't have anything else to do - I am trying to train our dog Roxy to learn to live within the boundaries of a wireless fence. She got so scared from the training sessions and the required "shock treatment" that she has a hard time getting up her nerve to get outside. I took yesterday and today off of training and will go to the pet store tomorrow to buy some very yummy bribery treats for her.
We'll see how it all goes. I am invisioning a day when I can drive away and wave to her and she will be obedient and not shock herself trying to leave. It can happen!

I do enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening... I need to will myself to get up and fix something to feed the family. Randy left town today for Virginia so my cooking expectations drop a notch or two... I think the kids want spaghetti on Monday and Wendesday before he returns. (Yes, Randy is not a big spaghetti lover.)


Pedaling said...

do you put roxy on a leash and run around with her in the places she can go? i did that and it was helpful.
she is such a cute dog and the perfect size.

starving students? what is wrong with people....really!

Amy said...

I am trying that with her. She is still so timid out there, but I think she is getting it.

On facebook I saw Venna's comment about Bishop Dibble. What has happened? I hope he is okay.