Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Stuff

I went to parent teacher conference tonight at Jordan with Aaron. I always try to look nice when I go... so I fixed my hair, clean clothes ,etc (some days that doesn't always happen). While driving there I realize that I did not change my shoes! Not good. I had on the pair I leave by the garage door, my "run outside in the early morning with the dog to make sure she goes pee and poo shoes". Like I said not good. I had been busy with the dog and then running around the house before I left and I didn't change them for my much cuter black flats. I felt like a dork but hopefully pulled off the look okay. Oh well. Sometimes there is just too much going on in the brain.
Maybe my marbles have been jiggled too much...

Last week I was in a car that was rear ended on 3300 South. The young guy was reaching down for his cell phone on the floor of his car and hit us dead on. Okay - there is no call that is that important! I am like a broken record with my kids about cell phones and cars. I have been visiting the chiropractor for the last 5 days trying to find some head and neck pain relief. About this time of night my head begins to hurt, kind of a band of pain from the base of my neck up my skull until it settles right on top of my head. My two sister-in-laws and mother-in-law were also in the car and they are also suffering with whip lash.

I am tired of cleaning up mouse guts from the back door. Our cat is a fanatic hunter and must eat the whole mouse except for the stomach and intestines (as far as I can identify those tiny little organs - yuck)!
I know this is a tribute of her affection for us but, come on cat. Leave the guts in the bushes.

Tanner gets braces tomorrow - another big moment in his life. Tonight he was trying to convince me that his teeth are really straight so he didn't really need them, did he?
I so enjoy my time with him driving to and from school and to practice at night. He is a real conversationalist and we have a great time laughing together. When a really good (OLD) rock and roll song comes on, he just laughs when I turn it up real loud and try to sing along. He always says, "Duh mom, no one listens to this stuff anymore." Really?!! Donna Summers?? Disco forever! Earth Wind and Fire??
He is a good son.
Today he told me he is working on praying every morning and every night. It was like "can I have oatmeal for breakfast and I am praying every morning and night". Love him. If anyone loses anything in this house he is the first one to say "Well, have you prayed about it? You know that really works".

Randy wants him to hit puberty full force and get the testosterone going strong, but I love my sweet boy as is. Some days he will wake up and say "we need to clean this house, I feel like cleaning"!


Pedaling said...

i like random posts!
tanner braces- ughhh
sadie has had hers on forever!
boo's mouth is a mangled mess- can't wait to get hers straightened up!

Cami said...

Sorry to hear about your whiplash. I had to giggle about your shoe dilemma though.