Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say Hello to Roxy!

Not the best picture of Roxy - she looks a bit rabid here.

She is trying to tackle the marshmallow roasting stick cord.

BFFs Forever. No question.

Santa brought a big surprise to our home Christmas morning. Patch received a tiny little puppy around 8 am. Apparently, Santa forgot to leave her on his first stop at our home... she was hiding under his blanket and he didn't see her.
* *you know you have good friends when they offer to help play Santa and keep a new puppy on the first night away from her mother AND put a darling red bow on her neck with a cute tag from Santa AND deliver her to us in a Christmas Blizzard no less. Thanks H and T.

Welcome to our home Roxy! She is a cockapoo, chocolate colored with white tips on her front paws and white on her chin and under her neck. She is so sweet, but in this same sentence she is puppy. I feel like I have blasted back into my baby days - waking up in the night to crys, feeling like I can't leave the house, feeding schedules, getting our house puppy proof... yikes.

And Haylie is back in school.
My life has changed, amazingly.

This too will pass and she will grow up from puppyhood. Her bladder will grow (please), she will sleep through the night and hopefully sooner than later she will get bigger than Licorice (our jealous cat).

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Pedaling said...

there's the picture- i've been waiting for the puppy post.

all your hopes and dreams for roxys future will come true. it may take awhile...hang in there.