Friday, January 30, 2009

Sneeze, Sniffle, Cough, Cough

I hate being sick. I have been under the weather with a horrible head cold since Tuesday... I think on of my kids (who will remain nameless) sneezed on my laptop keys and shared their germs. Yuck. I knew today that I just needed to really rest and give myself a chance to get better so... I did not get dressed (still wearing the snowman pj's from last night with an Alta hoodie for when I go outside with Roxy - I did manage to brush my teeth but that is the extent of my beauty routine), drank a lot of water, ate a few whoppers (why? they were just there for the eating!), rested, took the dog out a few times, still in my pj's.

The house is quiet tonight which will help my r and r.

Randy and Tbone are camping out at Camp Tracy -BRRR - I hope they have fun. Lax man is off being social at a HS basketball game, Ernie had wrestling practice, Euphonium lessons and then is off to watch some indoor soccer games. Patch is watching movies tonight at a friend's home. So it is just me, the BIG box of kleenex, the remote, the roxy puppy *hopefully she is all pooped out in every way, that little dog sure poops A LOT!*, and licorice the cat. Sounds like a fun night.

Glad I went to Wal Mart yesterday (fun visit to Logan to see Ky and EJ) and bought 8 pairs of briefs each for the big boys... now I don't have to worry about laundry for at least 8 more days... if I wanted to wait that long...

Good night!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A question I have thought about

This is a quote from the lesson I am helping to teach tomorrow in Relief Society. I have thought long about the question at the end... I hope to have a good discussion and hear what others think about it.

The parable of the sower shows the effects of preaching the gospel; it also shows that the Savior established His kingdom in the meridian of time.
“But listen to the explanation of the parable of the Sower: ‘When any one heareth the word of the Kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart.’ Now mark the expression—that which was sown in his heart. ‘This is he which receiveth seed by the way side.’ [Matthew 13:19.] Men who have no principle of righteousness in themselves, and whose hearts are full of iniquity, and have no desire for the principles of truth, do not understand the word of truth when they hear it. The devil taketh away the word of truth out of their hearts, because there is no desire for righteousness in them." (Joseph Smith)

Why do some people have a “principle of righteousness in themselves,” and others don’t? If someone doesn’t have a desire for truth, is there a way to develop such a desire?

Randomly thinking

"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life." James Cromwell

That said, I must say I am running an animal daycare! I was in a Relief Society meeting this past week and got no less than 4 phone calls...

"Where are you? THE PUPPY GOT OUT!!"

"When are you coming home? The puppy pooped on the carpet!!"


"I don't know what to do with Roxy!"

These calls came from Tbone - not the biggest fan of animals. A little stressful. Roxy managed to push against the puppy play pen and get out. (We fixed that.)


She is cute, but I find myself waking up in the night to check the time because I haven't heard her cry. Scary.

This morning I was watching "Ratatouille" on TV to stay awake at 6:30 (not much to choose from at this early Saturday morning time - this is a family favorite, go little chef!). I was up at 3:30 with the pup for a moment for a potty break and then had to keep reading my book, there where only a few chapters left. Bad choice.

I am tired today.

I did give my fridge the New Year's clean - the oldest thing I found was expired in 11/2007 (pop out dough rolls). Yuck. Ky and Tbone would be impressed. They are the expiration date freaks in the family. Yes, you are. I have been known to scratch/cover/remove/lie about this particular date in the past... sorry. No one died.

I got the call this morning that our RS teacher for tomorrow has come down with strep, so I will be teaching 1/3 of the lesson with my presidency... a blessing that the lesson can easily divide into thirds. I am actually looking forward to focusing my thoughts on something. Ever since Roxy came from the North Pole I have felt very scattered.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say Hello to Roxy!

Not the best picture of Roxy - she looks a bit rabid here.

She is trying to tackle the marshmallow roasting stick cord.

BFFs Forever. No question.

Santa brought a big surprise to our home Christmas morning. Patch received a tiny little puppy around 8 am. Apparently, Santa forgot to leave her on his first stop at our home... she was hiding under his blanket and he didn't see her.
* *you know you have good friends when they offer to help play Santa and keep a new puppy on the first night away from her mother AND put a darling red bow on her neck with a cute tag from Santa AND deliver her to us in a Christmas Blizzard no less. Thanks H and T.

Welcome to our home Roxy! She is a cockapoo, chocolate colored with white tips on her front paws and white on her chin and under her neck. She is so sweet, but in this same sentence she is puppy. I feel like I have blasted back into my baby days - waking up in the night to crys, feeling like I can't leave the house, feeding schedules, getting our house puppy proof... yikes.

And Haylie is back in school.
My life has changed, amazingly.

This too will pass and she will grow up from puppyhood. Her bladder will grow (please), she will sleep through the night and hopefully sooner than later she will get bigger than Licorice (our jealous cat).