Saturday, December 13, 2008

One more thought...

My kids need to get home, I have too much time to write on my blog!

Just this quick post -

Ernie is on his first official date tonight!

He is only 16 years old and 4 days!
(Thanks to a cool Brother-in-law for winter dating ideas - they went ice skating. I hope he doesn't break anything!)

Am I ready for this? (NO)

Where has time gone? (???????)

Do you have the dating etiquette down? (Yes, Mom!)

(I will have to post a fun dating idea that I saved from one of the boys that Ky dated in HS. It is like the babysitting info sheet - just info for the date like cell number, license plate number, parent's name, itinerary, etc. I thought it was nice.)

Do you have any money? (No, can I borrow some?)

Ernie is the rule follower to a T. He is not to have friends in the car with him for the first 6 months after getting his license - and he won't. I don't even have to ask. So, as far as dates go, what to do? Ah, just have the parents drive! Really - it was too cute tonight (and I wasn't driving - read my next post).

No more details - Ernie sometimes reads my blog.

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