Friday, December 12, 2008

I am not surprised

Friday night, and I am home alone. It is a wierd feeling.
I just had to put this thought down so not to forget it in the passing of time...

Ernie had a very special opportunity tonight. He was one of a couple young men and their dads or youth leaders to go and clean inside the brand new Draper LDS temple! WOW. I was so excited for him to have this awesome experience. I told him to take a lot of mental pictures so he could tell me all about it.

Besides the fact that he was inside the temple tonight (just in case you are not aware: the temple has not been dedicated yet, so anyone can be inside and soon the open house for the temple will begin with 1-1.5 MILLION people expected to walk through it during the two month time period) which is just a really great opportunity in and of itself, I was amazed at his own thought process in going there and what he gave up to do this.

It is a Friday night - he was asked to clean from 5 -8 pm

He had to leave wrestling practice early with an explanation of why to his coach

He missed the first two hours of a friends birthday party

And the sweetest by far...

He runs up from the basement to leave to clean the temple and he is dressed in his suit!
I said, "Ernie you are going to clean things in the temple, why are you in your suit?"
He said, "Mom I am going to the temple. Don't worry, I have clothes to change into."

That was a lesson for me and a glimpse of who's son this awesome kid really is.
It is the Lord's house and he is helping to prepare it, he understands. I am not surprised.

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Jani and David said...

what an awesome kid that ernie is. He is a great example to all of us.