Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Florida Vacation Pictures

We went on vacation over Thanksgiving again this year. As you will see, we had as much fun as you can possibly have in the six days we were gone. We brought our newlyweds along and they were grateful for EVERYTHING. As they liked to say, we could always be ________! (Fill in the blank with Logan, in snow, in school, doing homework, working, freezing!)
I don't think any of us will be able to ride a roller coaster again without clapping and chanting, "Tanner in the front, Tanner in the front!" Remember his answer - "Not happening! Not happening!" Good times.
Funny, with all we did we still managed to watch Santa Clause 1,2, and 3 at night. A Clegg family favorite.

Ky, EJ and Patch waiting for a ride (we got good at waiting).

Ernie at Epcot in France. We had to find this tasty French dessert, Mille Feuille, to sample!

Patch had to visit Germany for some authentic German chocolate at Epcot. Thanks to her 1st grade teacher, Miss Benson, for developing this love of all things German.

This is actually the last picture of the trip... bye bye Flordia fun.

Tbone turned 13 on our trip. This picture was taken on his birthday and this is his favorite ride of the day - The Mummy - very intense!

This is where we ate breakfast on T bone's birthday. The McDonalds Bistro (could it really be?)

This McDonalds sported an elevator, a bistro menu with waffles, breakfast burritos and a 2nd floor full of all kinds of electronic games to play. Unreal.

After the dinasour ride - 1st wet ride of the day!

Splashing down on the dinasour ride!

THE HULK!! No one told me the ride shoots you out about 3/4 the way up! Scary!
Ky, EJ, Lax boy and I rode this one. Going over water upside down is not for me (more than one time!!)

Thanksgiving dinner delivered to our condo after a fun play day. Dad carved the turkey and we enjoyed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans almondine, cranberry sauce, rolls, butter and apple pie. It was tasty and the cheapest dinner of our trip!
Happy Turkey Day!

Ernie rode the Rock'n'Roller Coaster! This was his very first roller coaster and probably his last. Way to give it a try.

Family favorite by far!! This time I am glad to know where to hold on...

Disney World had Magic Moments abounding! Lax boy and T bone got theirs with an ultimate fast pass to all the rides for the day! Sweet! Thanks T bone for giving up your fast pass to Toy Story for Patch to go.

Patch's most magical moment! She was choosen to meet Belle and the Prince at the end of the Beauty and the Beast show! We sat in the VIP Rose seats and then a worker took Patch up to the stage and got to meet Belle and the Prince and talk with them. They gave her the rose and a cute certificate to commerate the moment. You know that certificate is hanging up in her room.

This picture still makes me laugh! Lax wanted to meet Sleeping Beauty so he stood in line with all the LITTLE girls until it was his turn. Sleeping Beauty showed him how to stand like a prince. This was funny!

Another wet ride! Patch loved this one - she went on it 3 times!

Patch in front of Cinderella's castle.

The castle lit up with Christmas lights. The lighting would keep changing so the castle would darken to other colors. It was beautiful.

Turkey legs - yum! Tbone was the all time master at eating these. He could clean his down to the turkey bone the fastest! He ate 3 of these during our trip. EJ said his limit on turkey legs is 1 per year!

Thanks for a great trip... next year ??


J.E. said...

I love all the pics. I'm so jealous!!! My favorite picture is the one where they are all eating turkey legs, that is too funny. Well it looks like you had a wonderful time. That Cinderella castle is beautiful with all those lights!!!

Pedaling said...

what a fun trip.
isn't it great to get away.
your family is beautiful, as usual.
i love the pics, all of them and of course little patch is adorable- i can't believe you all went on tower of terror! i liked that one too, in a sick kind of way. i'm so glad you posted the pics for us all to see.

Jani and David said...

That looks like so much fun. My Favorite pics have to be Haley with Bell and the Beast and with "Lax" Ha ha(I dont know his name, thats bad of me) with sleaping beauty. I love that your family has nicknames for everyone.