Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yes, it is finally feeling like winter here - and my car is not in our garage! Yuck. I am way past the car window scraping phase (remember apartment living?). Don't worry though because the Alta Lacrosse goals are nice and dry, snow and ice free in MY garage. They are big and heavy otherwise I would have dragged them outside myself. There they will be until after the 2nd and last tryouts this Friday night(10:30 -midnight for varsity tryouts - you just have to be young to do that!). Thank goodness the garage will be free for my car just in time to beat the new snow storm coming Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. I hope the weather people are lying.

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Angelfish said...

I love how beautiful everything is after fresh fallen snow. But I don't miss the long, cold, Utah winter days. Hang in there! You'll be sitting back on the beach before you know it!