Saturday, December 13, 2008

One more thought...

My kids need to get home, I have too much time to write on my blog!

Just this quick post -

Ernie is on his first official date tonight!

He is only 16 years old and 4 days!
(Thanks to a cool Brother-in-law for winter dating ideas - they went ice skating. I hope he doesn't break anything!)

Am I ready for this? (NO)

Where has time gone? (???????)

Do you have the dating etiquette down? (Yes, Mom!)

(I will have to post a fun dating idea that I saved from one of the boys that Ky dated in HS. It is like the babysitting info sheet - just info for the date like cell number, license plate number, parent's name, itinerary, etc. I thought it was nice.)

Do you have any money? (No, can I borrow some?)

Ernie is the rule follower to a T. He is not to have friends in the car with him for the first 6 months after getting his license - and he won't. I don't even have to ask. So, as far as dates go, what to do? Ah, just have the parents drive! Really - it was too cute tonight (and I wasn't driving - read my next post).

No more details - Ernie sometimes reads my blog.

Christmas Cookies with Patch

Patch and I had a late night baking session - we were the only one's home tonight. I put some Amy Grant Christmas music on my computer to help us get in the mood of the season and then pulled out a new recipe for spice cookies - very yummy - (like a ginger snap, but soft and chewy). Let's get busy!

And then... my beautiful music was interrupted with Ashley Tisdale singing "last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it awwwway..."

Patch was laughing and singing for all she was worth. There was nothing else to do but join in and we were loud. The cat looked scared.

Thanks Patch for still singing with me. Thanks for holding hands with me when we walk together outside. Thanks for all your hugs and telling me you will miss me while you are at school. I enjoyed lunch with you last week, you are the cutest lunch worker who ever scraped food... (big smile here!)

Love you. Love you. Love you.

Ky, glad you are coming to visit and that you guys want to make sugar cookies - maybe we will crank up the music and sing some... Back Street Boys Christmas or Neil Diamond Christmas (as long as Dad isn't around!) "I I I I I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." Join in, you know the words - ha ha.

Murmur Not

I am teaching Relief Society in January and have been thinking on and off of topics to teach. I came across this talk, Murmur Not, by Neal A. Maxwell (Ensign, Nov. 1989, 82). This is a very pointed and direct talk, not one of the feel good kind of talks. But where I am, it is needed. What I really wish I could do is just make some copies and paste it on a door or two or three - maybe all our doors need this talk - just in case.

Note to self: Remember (I forget at times) that we each have our own custom path to walk in this life with perfectly planned experiences and trials to tutor us and while I can't understand what makes some people do the things they do, there IS a plan.

The answer to dealing with all kinds of people is this - love them and pray for them when there is nothing else you can do.
Here it that answer in the scriptures: Mormon 3:12 "...and had loved them, according to the love of God which was in me, with all my heart; and my soul had been poured out in prayer unto my God all the day long for them; nevertheless, it was without faith, because of the hardness of their hearts."

Not always so easy. I need an increase in my own faith.

Back to the talk.
Here are some of my favorite quotes from Elder Maxwell's talk:

"...too many of us seem to expect that life will flow ever smoothly, featuring an unbroken chain of green lights with empty parking places just in front of our destinations!"

"Cutting truth does hurt, but its lancing can drain off pride."

Characteristics of a murmurer:

-"The murmurer often lacks the courage to express openly his concerns."

-"While a murmurer insists on venting his own feelings, he regards any response thereto as hostile."

-"Murmurers have short memories. Israel arrived in Sinai, then journeyed on to the Holy Land though they were sometimes hungry and thirsty. But the Lord rescued them, whether by the miraculous appearance by quail or by water struck from a rock. (See Num. 11:31; Ex. 17:6.) Strange, isn’t it, brothers and sisters, how those with the shortest memories have the longest lists of demands! However, with no remembrance of past blessings, there is no perspective about what is really going on.

-Murmurers spend all their time in looking for the evil."Perspective makes such an enormous and constant difference in our lives."

"The goodness of the Lord is attested to in so many ways - mansions await! - yet we ungrateful guests still complain about the present accommodations."Murmuring is contagious, but "being of good cheer is equally contagious."

"Letting off steam always produces more heat than light."

"Murmuring can be another form of mocking God's plan of salvation."

"Murmuring can also be noise enough that it drowns out the various spiritual signals to us... Murmuring over the weight of our crosses not only takes energy otherwise needed to carry them but might cause another to put down his cross altogether."

God accomplishes things, brothers and sisters, “in process of time.” This calls for our patience. Moreover, doing things in process of time is often His way of either preserving our agency or of providing us with needed opportunity. In fact, certain experiences, over which we might understandably murmur, can actually be for our good. (See D&C 105:10; D&C 122:7; Gen. 30:27.) Thus you and I may think God is merely marking time, when He is actually marking openings for us, openings which are sorely needed. Even then, we are so slow to use those openings in order to escape from the familiar cell of selfishness.

"Nonmurmurers are permitted to see so much more."

"Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them." - 2 Kings 6:16

"If our lips are closed to murmuring, then our eyes can be opened."

Friday, December 12, 2008

I am not surprised

Friday night, and I am home alone. It is a wierd feeling.
I just had to put this thought down so not to forget it in the passing of time...

Ernie had a very special opportunity tonight. He was one of a couple young men and their dads or youth leaders to go and clean inside the brand new Draper LDS temple! WOW. I was so excited for him to have this awesome experience. I told him to take a lot of mental pictures so he could tell me all about it.

Besides the fact that he was inside the temple tonight (just in case you are not aware: the temple has not been dedicated yet, so anyone can be inside and soon the open house for the temple will begin with 1-1.5 MILLION people expected to walk through it during the two month time period) which is just a really great opportunity in and of itself, I was amazed at his own thought process in going there and what he gave up to do this.

It is a Friday night - he was asked to clean from 5 -8 pm

He had to leave wrestling practice early with an explanation of why to his coach

He missed the first two hours of a friends birthday party

And the sweetest by far...

He runs up from the basement to leave to clean the temple and he is dressed in his suit!
I said, "Ernie you are going to clean things in the temple, why are you in your suit?"
He said, "Mom I am going to the temple. Don't worry, I have clothes to change into."

That was a lesson for me and a glimpse of who's son this awesome kid really is.
It is the Lord's house and he is helping to prepare it, he understands. I am not surprised.

Bah Humbug!

Don't get excited, this picture was taken 3/08 in NYC.
Ky and I went on a prewedding trip together.

The cold, hard facts of my morning...
I have been trying to get a few tickets to Wicked... what a waste of time. The Arttix website is down, the phone has been busy for 1 hour! BUT, not to worry, I can go to any of those online ticket scalpers and pay DOUBLE or MORE for tickets. One site I checked at 10:30 this morning had 32 different days/times to already choose from some tickets at $283 a ticket! Whatever!

What ever happened to ordinary people being able to just get tickets without the big mark up?

I have seen the musical twice in NYC, I just wanted to take my youngest daughter to see it. Maybe a road trip in the spring. If I have to pay a hefty mark up, I might as well be in NYC or LA - anywhere but here!!


(Okay, now that is out of my system, I am much calmer - well, alittle calmer.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Florida Vacation Pictures

We went on vacation over Thanksgiving again this year. As you will see, we had as much fun as you can possibly have in the six days we were gone. We brought our newlyweds along and they were grateful for EVERYTHING. As they liked to say, we could always be ________! (Fill in the blank with Logan, in snow, in school, doing homework, working, freezing!)
I don't think any of us will be able to ride a roller coaster again without clapping and chanting, "Tanner in the front, Tanner in the front!" Remember his answer - "Not happening! Not happening!" Good times.
Funny, with all we did we still managed to watch Santa Clause 1,2, and 3 at night. A Clegg family favorite.

Ky, EJ and Patch waiting for a ride (we got good at waiting).

Ernie at Epcot in France. We had to find this tasty French dessert, Mille Feuille, to sample!

Patch had to visit Germany for some authentic German chocolate at Epcot. Thanks to her 1st grade teacher, Miss Benson, for developing this love of all things German.

This is actually the last picture of the trip... bye bye Flordia fun.

Tbone turned 13 on our trip. This picture was taken on his birthday and this is his favorite ride of the day - The Mummy - very intense!

This is where we ate breakfast on T bone's birthday. The McDonalds Bistro (could it really be?)

This McDonalds sported an elevator, a bistro menu with waffles, breakfast burritos and a 2nd floor full of all kinds of electronic games to play. Unreal.

After the dinasour ride - 1st wet ride of the day!

Splashing down on the dinasour ride!

THE HULK!! No one told me the ride shoots you out about 3/4 the way up! Scary!
Ky, EJ, Lax boy and I rode this one. Going over water upside down is not for me (more than one time!!)

Thanksgiving dinner delivered to our condo after a fun play day. Dad carved the turkey and we enjoyed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans almondine, cranberry sauce, rolls, butter and apple pie. It was tasty and the cheapest dinner of our trip!
Happy Turkey Day!

Ernie rode the Rock'n'Roller Coaster! This was his very first roller coaster and probably his last. Way to give it a try.

Family favorite by far!! This time I am glad to know where to hold on...

Disney World had Magic Moments abounding! Lax boy and T bone got theirs with an ultimate fast pass to all the rides for the day! Sweet! Thanks T bone for giving up your fast pass to Toy Story for Patch to go.

Patch's most magical moment! She was choosen to meet Belle and the Prince at the end of the Beauty and the Beast show! We sat in the VIP Rose seats and then a worker took Patch up to the stage and got to meet Belle and the Prince and talk with them. They gave her the rose and a cute certificate to commerate the moment. You know that certificate is hanging up in her room.

This picture still makes me laugh! Lax wanted to meet Sleeping Beauty so he stood in line with all the LITTLE girls until it was his turn. Sleeping Beauty showed him how to stand like a prince. This was funny!

Another wet ride! Patch loved this one - she went on it 3 times!

Patch in front of Cinderella's castle.

The castle lit up with Christmas lights. The lighting would keep changing so the castle would darken to other colors. It was beautiful.

Turkey legs - yum! Tbone was the all time master at eating these. He could clean his down to the turkey bone the fastest! He ate 3 of these during our trip. EJ said his limit on turkey legs is 1 per year!

Thanks for a great trip... next year ??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Yes, it is finally feeling like winter here - and my car is not in our garage! Yuck. I am way past the car window scraping phase (remember apartment living?). Don't worry though because the Alta Lacrosse goals are nice and dry, snow and ice free in MY garage. They are big and heavy otherwise I would have dragged them outside myself. There they will be until after the 2nd and last tryouts this Friday night(10:30 -midnight for varsity tryouts - you just have to be young to do that!). Thank goodness the garage will be free for my car just in time to beat the new snow storm coming Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. I hope the weather people are lying.

Another One Drives Away

It has happened again! Another child in this family has reached the age of sixteen... and driven away by themselves. Yikes. It should get should get easier... it should get easier...

Here are parts of the conversations from yesterday and today that have been flying around this house and between cell phones...

"Did you show him where the registration is? Does he know that is what the police will ask for when/if he gets pulled over?"


"Text me when you get to school. Text me when you are leaving school."

"Be alert, there are crazy people in cars all around you."

"You are driving a killing machine."

"You don't get do overs in car accidents!"

"It is snowing, do you want me to drive you to school instead? " (NO)

"Remember, they are braking for a reason..." (Mom's famous line when driving with a pre-licensed driver)

"Slow and easy, give yourself time to respond to the traffic around you."

"Insurance is expensive!"

"Randy, he doesn't know how to drive on slick roads - there is going to be an accident!!" (This was my freakish chant this morning - 6:00 am - so my dear, dear husband secretly followed our new 16 year old to school. He had to be there by 6:30 for a band concert practice. XOXO to you!) He thought he was driving undetected by our son until I got a text message (after he was at school) telling me that HE had been driving for SIX months and didn't need us (DAD) to follow him to school. So sorry Ernie. We just love you and you probably won't understand our crazy obsession of love and safety until your 16 year old son drives away for the first, second, fiftieth time!

How did my parents survive my driving around town at 14?!!? Yes, it was in Kansas, but not too rural. I did drive to early morning seminary, the grocery store and Hardee's to retreave the necessary diet Pepsi's for Mom.

Happy 16th birthday Ernie. You are dependable, always on time, responsible, helpful - you have always been an adult in a child's body. I can't wait to see what you accomplish in the next 16 years. You have learned to go after what you want to do and this usually demands hard work on your part. Way to go for doing your own thing at JHS - band, soccer, wrestling, PTSA and all A's your first quarter. Congrats on the no tardies or absences award for the first quarter. It is a big deal because IT IS A BIG DEAL. Being where you need to be when you need to be there is something that is hard to do day in and day out. You earned the privileged right to an on campus parking spot as a sophomore, just beware the juniors and seniors. No BFE (beyond fetching Egypt) parking for you!! You are a good friend and a great son. I will miss driving you to and from school and our Friday stops at Sonic during happy hour. Always drive safe. I love you.