Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Being a mom is a great excuse...

I saw this on a blog - and I laughed because these statements are OH SO TRUE!

1. Being a mom is a great excuse. You can buy treats, make treats, have treats on hand “for the kids.” No one will question your pantry stocked with Cocoa-Puffs. (Hmmm - the ding dong 24 pack from Costco?!!? Frozen cookie dough "just in case"!)

2. Kids are a good hobby (? strange word to use, but you understand the idea) because they strip you of pride and make you seem more patient than you really are. You aren’t cool, and your kids remind you of that. You might get a big head if you weren’t constantly told “you talk to me too much” or “your bum’s too big to sit on that chair!” (hypothetically speaking, of course) The more kids you have, the more patient you seem to strangers, when the exact opposite is probably true. It’s just a funny assumption we all make, and I’m okay with it.

Seriously, people do sometimes think that the more kids you have, the more patient you MUST be, not so.
There are times when what I think is funny and "hip" and "with it" and then I go ahead and talk about it with my teens. This action can be met with heads turned in embarrassment and a groaning "Wooowww Mom!" (Ernie does this best and it has become a trademark of his that we all long to copy but never will -according to him!)

Being a mom is where I know I need to be - come what may in this crazy world we live in. Whether it is the tedious job that is done over and over again for these little people, or a once in a lifetime experience that I know was a "you had to be there" thing, I am happy and fulfilled as I watch them grow and begin to take their places as good people in society. I am grateful to have a small part in helping them become their best. Ahh, the perfect thoughts for a perfect day... now back to reality and the HARD, EXHAUSTING job of being MOM.


J.E. said...

How refreshing! Thanks for the Mom-Uplift. I am fairly new at being a mom but I too am thankful to be one, I know it's one of my callings in life to love and care for this little man I have been blessed with.

J.E. said...

Oh- and I like your polka dots!

Spin said...

i think maybe the bum thing isn't hypothetical in my neck of the woods. nothing like kids to make me feel so darn great about myself:) but I love em!!!