Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Double Eagles

I am back from blogging vacation...

Hurray! We are celebrating around here. Lax boy passed his Eagle board of review last night, so he is now officially an Eagle Scout. Ernie passed his in August which also was a big occasion to celebrate. The funny thing is that they both completed their projects a year ago, but with the start of school, then an engagement and wedding, I dropped (or stashed away) the eagle ball.

We are planning for the Eagle Court of Honor in October with their cousin Max joining them to receive his Eagle also.


J.E. said...

That is sooo wonderful! You'll have to let us know when it is! Congratulations Ernie & LAX!!! I'm also happy for an update, I've been checking here and there. It's great to know how all is going!

Angelfish said...

Wow! this is a year of milestones for you guys! Sounds like you have been a busy woman! I'm glad you're back on the blog-wagon and look forward to seeing you and Haylie when you come out this way.

Pedaling said...

oh, that's gotta feel good, for all 3 of you, to have that done;

Congratulations to the boys.
it says alot for the boys who achieve this honor and goal!