Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time Flies

The reason for my blog is simply to have a place to record things that are important and not so important to my kids and our family which if not recorded, would most likely be forgotten in the years to come.

So catching up alittle...

Before going to his Eagle board of review. I had to go buy a new scout shirt because his last shirt was like the hulk, straining the buttons and ripping the seams! We are very proud of this son.

Tbone is learning to play the French horn at school. He enjoys it and is glad his teacher is finally not calling him Aaron anymore! When he brings this horn home we marvel at his strength of his lungs and the LOUDNESS of his music.

Walking to school on the first day! We have some new neighbors and friends that Patch and I walk with in the mornings.

Our mountain behind our home on fire in August! Another small reminder that I need to always keep working on being prepared...

Patch and her friend Boo decided to clean Spice man's truck for his birthday gift. They had a great time getting ready with just the right fashion and supplies. Spice man got a chuckle when he drove home and saw these two girls singing and washing away on top of the hood and roof!

The infamous peach pie that I make each year for Spice man's birthday at his request. The crust recipe is my mom's and the peach pie recipe is my Grandma's. It is SO good. Only the shell is baked, so the peaches stay tasting like they were just picked.

Patch and her piano recital. She was not confident in her memorized piece and couldn't get through it without her teacher bringing up her music. Through the remainder of the piece you could hear big gulps of air as she tried to hold back her tears. When she stood up at the end, she covered her face and just stood there and cried. My eyes welled up as I gathered her into my arms and led her from the room. I snuggled her and let her cry. Sometimes that is all you can do. And it is okay. Eventually, she dried her eyes and went back into the recital room. I am thankful for my youngest, resilent daughter.

Out of order, but happy to be going to 4th grade! I am happy that school is a delight and not a struggle for her.

Wish I had something to put on for Ky and EJ. Missing them in Logan, but so glad they are happy, happy, HAPPY! Ky is busy with school - she is in a middle school 6th grade class 3 days a week (8 am to 3:30 pm) and then regular classes fit around this. After 5 weeks with the 6th grade, she will go to a 1st grade class. Keep up the good work!
I wonder when I will stop missing her so much?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Double Eagles

I am back from blogging vacation...

Hurray! We are celebrating around here. Lax boy passed his Eagle board of review last night, so he is now officially an Eagle Scout. Ernie passed his in August which also was a big occasion to celebrate. The funny thing is that they both completed their projects a year ago, but with the start of school, then an engagement and wedding, I dropped (or stashed away) the eagle ball.

We are planning for the Eagle Court of Honor in October with their cousin Max joining them to receive his Eagle also.