Wednesday, August 20, 2008

S.S. Gourmet

I served dinner tonight (8:40 pm) to my football boys after practice. Knowing that T bone has his "sevie" orientation at middle school tomorrow, I thought brain strengthening salmon was in order (mmm, salmon with lime dressing, fresh steamed green beans, red grapes, applesauce and chocolate milk). His response to dinner on the table was "WOW, this looks like S.S. Gourmet!"

I am not sure what that says about the rest of the food we eat since I have never had this title to any other dinner I have made, but I was glad he was so excited to eat. It makes this sometimes drudgery of cooking yet another meal worthwhile when there is so much excitement to dig into what is set out on the table.

It seems like my cooking enjoyment comes and goes in waves... luckily we are riding high on the cooking wave right now. Last night was a "strong 10" which is as perfect as any food will ever get around here - thanks T bone. I made the kids a strawberry watermelon smoothie. Trust me it tastes as good as the name sounds.

2 cups strawberries, cut in half
2 cups watermelon, no seeds
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup lemon juice
2 cups ice (I used more, I like a thicker, icy drink)

Blend and serve. I froze the leftover for a slushie today for Patch after school.
That easy and that good!

I am looking to try an oriental beef and broccoli in my crock pot this weekend...


J.E. said...

that lime dressing for the salmon sounds sooo good.

Pedaling said...

gotta love those meals that please.
so you up for swiss days next week?