Monday, August 11, 2008

Glad for family

I dropped in to pick up some apricots (jam time!) from sister last Thursday. It was one of those days where the wrongs of the world lay heavily on my shoulders. Physically, my feet were dragging and my heart was heavy. So glad I stopped by... she had Five 5 gallon buckets of apricots to can herself and she was with out help. I sat and began to help pop them open and soon became calm with that repetitive movement. I could sit quietly, nice when conversation is not required and you don't feel wierd about the silence, and think and ponder and deal with the stuff churning through my mind. She had her wok out and cooked me up a delicious stir fry with garden fresh veggies that were very tasty.
It was a good ending to the day and I am so glad she lives close by.

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J.E. said...

How nice. I think there is something naturally thereputic about sisters... I'm glad she was a comfort to you, and hope that your shoulders have been lightened a little. Love you!