Friday, August 15, 2008

Cache County

Ky and EJ have a incredible view of the Logan Temple from their apartment.

(can't remember how to delete photos, so this one stays)

Patch and I traveled up north to Logan to spend a fun day with Ky on her day off. For the first half of the drive, we listened to a book on tape, The Magic Treehouse "Pirates Past Noon". This was a Wendy's Kids Meal prize - finally something worthwhile. Patch was anxious to see Ky and download some of her good music to her new ipod. Being the animal lover that she is, Patch hoped to see "Miss Kitty", the very friendly black cat that lives two houses down from Ky and EJ (luckily we saw her and petted and petted her!). I enjoy getting these two sisters together, the relationship that they have is so close regardless of the 11 year age difference.

We arrived in time to go to lunch at Chilis with the newly weds before EJ had to go to work. There is a new Hobby Lobby in Logan and so we shopped around that very BIG store. It seemed to me that everything was 50% off, so we had to take advantage of the good sales and purchase some cute picture frames. I walked quickly by the Christmas section, that is so wrong in July.
Ky took us to the Logan "mall" and we had a fun time poking around the stores there. We enjoyed sampling the smells at Bath and Body Works, ohhing and ahhing over the webkinz at Hallmark and checking out the latest back to school fashions at AE. A haircut was in order for Ky so we chatted with her while her hair was washed and cut - 4 inches came off!

While she was gone to take some dinner to EJ on his break, I washed up her dishes. Alas, no dishwasher. (When Patch first heard they didn't have a dishwasher she very seriously asked how they were going to be able to wash their dishes. Hmmm. My bad.) Ky said not to worry about doing the dishes, but, hey! their dirty dishes are FUN! Two cute spoons, two cute forks, two cute cups and plates. My dirty dishes are not fun. Too many and too many wander through the house.
Time flew by with watching some of the olympics, getting a Sonic drink, figuring out what wedding pics to choose for her wedding album, grocery shopping, chinese take out for dinner... by this time it was close to 10 pm and I decided to get a hotel room instead of driving home late. I didn't think too much about this but as it turned out, a hotel room, a motel room, any available room in and around Logan was not to be. The international satellite convention at USU was in town (I didn't know!) and all the rooms were taken.

We cozied down on the couch - unplanned sleepover for Patch, she was so excited - in Ky and EJ's apartment and slept the night away. Waking up, I skimmed the Rachel Ray magazine and saw the recipe for Apple scones... sounded good... something Ky had wanted to try... just needed some half and half from the store (and a toothbrush). Ky and I made scones and enjoyed quietly visiting over breakfast. Soon it was time to go... we loved our Logan adventure and can't wait to go visit again.


Spin said...

international satellite convention? but sounds like a fun adventure

J.E. said...

I was thinking the same thing...International Satellite Convention, hmmmm. Anyways, sounds so much fun! I love Logan, I still want to see their place! Staying at their place was probably so much funner anyway.