Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting and Remembering

I am sitting here waiting for the phone to ring and I can't believe that I just mindlessly ate a DING DONG! I don't even like them, but it was sitting there on the counter and with emotions flaring, I snarfed it down. I am waiting for the phone to ring, Lax boy to a hard hit to his head in a lacrosse game today and on top of the first hard hit on Saturday, he isn't doing well at this time. His counselor is taking him to the ER in Provo and I am waiting. Now I am feeling a bit sick to my stomach, that ding dong was not worth it and just thinking of what it is made of makes me feel worse.

I am sitting here remembering a small blond boy, always going somewhere fast, with the always present scab in the center of his forhead. Driving little trucks complete with sound effects, building tall towers out of blocks, swinging high in the backyard. Pockets full of the day's favorite treasures...

I finally hear from him and he ended up with a mild concussion and needs me to drive down to get him as he can't drive for 24 hours. I am glad to be needed, most of the time 17 year old boys don't really need their moms, except when they are hungry and that is almost always! So I guess I am needed a lot!

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J.E. said...

This post didn't pop up on my end until today, but I notice the date on it is the 22nd! Anyway- Hope LAX boy is doing better, man that is a scary feeling. Not looking forward to accidents like those with our little one.