Monday, July 7, 2008

Older = Cooler?

This morning I dropped Ernie off for an intensely fun week at soccer camp. He was excited to go and play soccer 3 times a day. I waited for him to get all the dorm info and then drove him to his dorm for the week. I thought that would be that, BUT, he asked if I could carry his dress clothes (big dance on Thursday!) for him. Hmm, last year it was a quick goodbye at the car. This year, we walked in, found the correct room and I got a hug and "love you". Unexpected. Nice!

It is a funny cycle, this teenage life. When I think I understand the rules, the next one comes along and the rules change. But, maybe this is true. The older I get, the cooler I get. (I know, not really, but it sounds nice anyway.)
Glad I wasn't too embarrassing today, but all bets are off for tomorrow!

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J.E. said...

LOL- He's such a great kid.