Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girls Week

This week is a first for me! Early Monday morning - 6:30 am - I said a cheerful good-bye to all my men and sent them off into the world for the week. Lax boy is at a lacrosse camp (lax=lacrosse in case you don't know that abbreviation), Ernie is at EFY and Tbone and Spice man are together at scout camp. Even better, the drive to scout camp at Bear Lake went right by USU, so the scouters dropped off Ernie and saved me a three hour round trip drive. Sweet and thank you guys! Just when I thought everyone was on their way, the phone rings and a man said that he had found two bags on the main street by our home... those scouter men had driven off with the tail gate down on the truck! I still am laughing at that.

Patch and I are home alone and enjoying ourselves. She told me yesterday "Mom, it is summer, you don't need to clean."

Don't I wish...
I have become slightly obsessed with organizing and gutting kids rooms, finding and washing every piece of dirty laundry in our home, and YES matching all those unmatched socks in a very big laundry basket!

Keep up if you can... still moving Ky out and getting stuff to her married life (watch out, I will be bringing a LOAD this weekend!), Patch is moving from her old room to Ky's bigger room, Tbone is moving out of his shared room to Patch's old room and Ernie is celebrating his own space, finally! Whew! I carted out 3 garbage bags of junk from Patch's room (well, 4 really, but she didn't see that last one... plus a big DI box of old treasures she no longer needs). I feel like I am moving out of this house as most of the accumulated stuff in our home is in those rooms! It is a BIG job, but this week I am up for the task.

I can say (and I don't think I can remember a time when I could say this with many children) that my laundry is completely done. WOW. I wish I had my camera (gone to scout camp) to document this occasion. Not only done, but also folded and put away!

In case you doubt, we are having fun together too! We got our hair cut on Monday and then I took Patch to get a little pedi and mani. FUN! Yesterday, we learned how to make friendship bracelets and played Patch's original game. This is her game... with your toes you have to pick up marbles out of a big bowl of water and drop them into a cup. We tied with 31 marbles each! Today is a picnic at the park and then off to Clairs with a friend to find a fun friendship necklace. Tomorrow, the library and a movie. Not sure when, but we also have on the calendar a High School Musical movie marathon!

Although the house is unusually quiet and stays picked up and I am able to read to my hearts content late at night, I will be glad to soon welcome home, dirty laundry and all, all my guys.


Spin said...

sounds quiet and wonderful! Syd saw your boy at LAX camp. She is at EFY. Hopefully she wasn't socially retarded and said Hi. When I left Peru I said I would never go back. At least on that schedule but now Dale is already talking about it. So I don't know. If I ever get around to finishing my journaling of it you will see it was an amazing but strenuous trip, in weird ways. Enjoy your peaceful week!!

Cami said...

You have a good balance between work and play...I think around here it has mostly been work. Maybe tomorrow I will let the prisoners out on good behavior...of course we still are finishing the main level and I don't think I have even been down to the basement in 2 weeks, let alone cleaned anything up. Still..we could all use a day at the pool.

Kori said...

How fun to get some one on one with Patch. I'm sure she is loving it! I am definitely still in 'vacation-mode' and have decided to wait until everyone is back in school before I start shoveling this house out! This will be my first year with no kids home during the day--lets see, that's about 37 days, 3 hours and 12 minutes from now.

Pedaling said...

congats on the laundry, gotta love that. sounds like a fun time with your little patch. boo is home and intching to play. i'm sure she'll be calling!

Pedaling said...

intching to play? you know what i meant! i really should proof my comments better