Friday, June 27, 2008

That 6th grade country report!

He did it! I was lucky enough to be able to help with the final touches. T really appreciated my help because he said the he really owed me for my help, even offering to clean out the cat box - WOW! Tbone did a great job getting the information together to give his oral report in Mrs. Rose's class. He was excited to learn all about Spain and he learned (we have no connection to the country, haven't traveled there, no missions, no family traveling there). This report was somewhat stressful as it began before we left on vacation and then he needed to come home to complete it. Thanks to Tbone's Aunt Amy for letting us use her cricuit paper cutter - very cool little machine to make the lettering for the tri fold.
Part of the report requires the student to have some type of food from the country for the class to sample. What foods do you think of when you think of Spain? Exactly. Nothing really leaped out at me except maybe churros from Costco! So, being somewhat creative, we decided on a dessert dish called flan. On the early morning of the report day(6:00 am) I got up and made flan for the class. It turned out really well (it is a favorite of mine) and Tbone said that he liked it too. We should've pulled for an Asian country, the report before T's had a big rice cooker full of rice for the kids to eat.
T bone learned about the biggest food fight in the world that takes place in Spain, more about Christopher Columbus and their interesting history of government. As recent as 1975 the country of Spain finally shed a dictatorship of 40 years. Very interesting stuff. He liked learning that in Spain they celebrate the END of Christmas - with gifts. Four of the five kids have completed this intense project! China, Israel, France and Spain... I wonder what country Patch will choose? Egypt is a current favorite of hers (and sorry Patch, we are NOT going on a family vacation there to see the pyramids).

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J.E. said...

Great poster T! The words look great, the cricut is the best! I think it's so funny that Patch loves Egypt.