Thursday, June 26, 2008

Newlywed home

I drove up to Logan yesterday to deliver a small load of Ky's things. It was fun to see their apartment all arranged for their new life together. We bought some flowers and planted the pots that are attached to the front stairway. It looks very welcoming and a huge improvement from the dead weeds that were previously growing in them. Their apartment is one of 4 that are in this old home. It reminds me of my grandma's home - the glass door knobs, the old glass in the kitchen cupboards, the very tiny bathroom. It is hot though, no AC. The previous owners painted everything (literally) so their job now is to use razor blades to cut through the paint around the windows so they will open... they need a breeze in there! Last night they were sucessful in getting one of the front windows opened!
We loaded up 10 cans of leftover paint (gift from the departed renters) and located the landfill where they take paint to recycle. This opened up a nice size closet to organize things into. We had to keep taking a "fan break" since there wasn't any air circulating in the back part of the apartment. Finally, we were done and went out to lunch in a nice, air conditioned restaurant.
It was nice to spend time with Ky and later with EJ when he came home from his very long job interview.

Ky and EJ on the front porch of their apartment. Their apartment is the one to the right in the picture. (Cute flower pots!)
I loved the picture of them above their stove - very much in love!
Notice the paint - their apartment is very colorful. You are looking from the living room to the bathroom door - there is not a door for privacy so they bought curtains for the front windows!
Cute little kitchen!
This is where the kitchen table will go - not a great picture - but I love the arch that separates the kitchen for the eating area. I also love the big window they can look out of while they eat.

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