Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life's Big Changes

Why is it so hard to pack up and put away my daughter's (now married one month) room? It was her room for 10 years - we moved into our home on her 10th birthday. Where did that time go to? It was always her room even when she went to college, ready for her anytime she wanted to come home for a weekend visit. Packing up her things was always to be a joint effort but the time was never right to do too much of it before the wedding. I thought today would be a good day to begin. We have been home from vacation for two days, so I am still in the 3 day post vacation days where I don't have to get dressed and do anything too substantial for anyone. I began to sort through things on her nightstand. Little slips of paper with her oh so familiar lists of things to do, her numerous personally burned CD's, samples of lotions and perfumes, loose change, her ticket stub to Wicked in NYC. Her favorite books are on the shelf above her bed and her headboard is a mural of pictures and words from her high school life. I flipped on her CD player to listen to some music and moved to folding the random clothes that had been left on the floor, those hoodies and jackets that aren't necessary yet in her newly married life. My mistake was to take put one of her jacket's to my face and inhale her smell. I sat and cried (no, bawled is a better description here) because I miss her like crazy. I miss that she doesn't know all the funny little things that we are laughing about in the family, who said what, the insider jokes. Am I crazy? Is this normal? I know all the good reasons for her leaving, a great guy, it is what is supposed to happen, but today those things just don't matter.

I made chocolate chip cookies for dinner and the kids are happy and wondering if I am for real. What a day. Maybe I will try again tomorrow, I still have one more day until real life begins again.


Kori said...

Ok, you're making Me cry now.

J.E. said...
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J.E. said...

OK, I am crying.