Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lavender Days

I love this flower garden! Everything in it (except for the lavender) started from randomly cast seeds.

Daisies in our yard - these starts came from my grandma's yard, I love them! This is my favorite lavender, it grows next to my lilac bush off of my back porch. It is a beautiful place.
My raspberry patch - it is getting a bit wild. I didn't get it cleaned up this spring (wedding), so it is more "a la naturel"!
The grape arbor - don't pay attention to those weeds, that is our project this coming week. I have visions of a little stone patio with a bench someday with grapes hanging down from the top...

More lavender...
Love my roses and snap dragons, those snap dragons reseed themselves each year to look better and better.

Another view of my favorite flower bed, isn't it pretty? It makes me happy each time I come up the driveway.
Yes, more lavender!

I could have my own lavender days!


I didn't know that Utah had their own Lavender Days! It was this weekend (I will plan better for this next year) in Mona, Utah. They have 140 acres of lavender with classes, demonstrations, yummy things to eat made with lavender, even a 5K race through the lavender - that makes it almost doable.
Lavender is one thing that I can grow well because there is not a lot that I have to do to have it turn out big and beautiful. I have the perfect conditions, hot, dry sandy soil!
My yard is in full bloom and it smells GOOD!


Pedaling said...

it smells good and it does look lovely.
i love any of the purple colors including lavender.

in answer to the question- i weigh myself about every other day or every 3rd day at the very least.
i don't eat bread or cereal or salad dressing or much mayo
i still eat alot of protein.sometimes i eat candy but not often

Spin said...

i discovered lavender days last year and thought we needed to do it this year but forgot and now you have reminded me so maybe next year.
Cute little apartment down below for the newlyweds and nice of you to go help. reminds me of past days of flowered and vinyl couches purchased for a total of 35$ from DI. those were the days

J.E. said...

Oh my gosh I love your lavendar. That's what I want to plant for next year. The lavendar days sound fun!!!

Kori said...

wow! your flowers are beautiful - and how nice to have little reminders of days past by continuing where they each started. My mom always commented that she thinks the flowers in Utah seem brighter and more colorful than anywhere else. I think she's right!