Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holden Beach!

The board walk from our house to the beach... just a hop, skip and jump
over a crab hole or two to the beach!

The newly weds!

Yes, we brought the lacrosse sticks to the beach!

The annual shell contest sponsered by Grandma and Grandpa!

Beautiful endless beach.

Holden Beach is a sea turtle sanctuary, this nest was on the beach next to our beach house - there are 120 eggs in the nest and in 50-60 days a bunch of baby turtles!!

Sunset at the beach

The kids - this may be the Christmas card photo

The newly weds, again! They are just fun to photograph.

Sisters are the best!

We enjoyed another great week at Holden Beach, NC. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words. I never get tired of taking the same pictures each year. It is hard to believe that this was our 14th year going to NC. I love that we have this as a family tradition and that our kids have memories of time together when it is just us, nothing else intruding. I love the familiarity of "going to the beach". Knowing that I will always make chicken enchiladas, that we will play mad games of scrabble, if we are lucky find a sand dollar or two, eat ice cream at Scoops, eat shrimp at Provisions, stay up way too late and sleep in like I haven't done since college days.

Life is GOOD at the beach.

Patch smiling on the boardwalk. Notice the morning glory type of flowers
that bloom in sand. I loved seeing those flowers each day.

Cousins lookin at me!

Home sweet home for the week.

Something interesting going on below deck...

See you next year!


Pedaling said...

looks and sounds absolutely dreamy!!

Kori said...

Very cute post- and yes, I'm having major withdrawals - made even worse since I brought home a lovely summer cold to suffer through (it wouldn't feel so bad if I were still sitting on the beach!) hey, how do you put those little frames around your photos???

J.E. said...

I'm so jelous. It looks and sounds if you had a wonderful time. The beach looks like heaven and that house you stayed in is incredible. I want to live there. The pics are wonderful and your boys look so grown up and tall in all of them. Glad you enjoyed your trip.