Friday, June 20, 2008

Casa Seville Remembered...

Last night Spice man and I went out for dinner with Patch and T-bone. As I was helping the kids clear their food into the garbage, a man called out to me. He said our last name from Casa Seville. I probably had my mouth wide open, I haven't heard that name in 21 years. Casa Seville was the small apartment builing that we lived in close to Trolley Square after we were married! I apologized to him and said that I did not recognize him. I got Spice man (he was outside getting the car) to come inside to meet him. Turns out, he was the apartment manager while we lived there. I had NO recollection of him, but Spice man remembered well. They played racquetball together and basketball. Sadly, he has been divorced from his wife for 12 years. Kindly, he said that I hadn't changed at all (ha), but he didn't recognize Spice man right off.

Just a funny little ripple of life passing through a Greek restaurant on a warm summer night.

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J.E. said...

Ohhh, I love it. I love old homes. I like the colorful paint, it's cheery. You have got to talk Ky into doing a blog. I love hearing all about their new life together. The house is really cute. Good to see you last night!