Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lavender Days

I love this flower garden! Everything in it (except for the lavender) started from randomly cast seeds.

Daisies in our yard - these starts came from my grandma's yard, I love them! This is my favorite lavender, it grows next to my lilac bush off of my back porch. It is a beautiful place.
My raspberry patch - it is getting a bit wild. I didn't get it cleaned up this spring (wedding), so it is more "a la naturel"!
The grape arbor - don't pay attention to those weeds, that is our project this coming week. I have visions of a little stone patio with a bench someday with grapes hanging down from the top...

More lavender...
Love my roses and snap dragons, those snap dragons reseed themselves each year to look better and better.

Another view of my favorite flower bed, isn't it pretty? It makes me happy each time I come up the driveway.
Yes, more lavender!

I could have my own lavender days!


I didn't know that Utah had their own Lavender Days! It was this weekend (I will plan better for this next year) in Mona, Utah. They have 140 acres of lavender with classes, demonstrations, yummy things to eat made with lavender, even a 5K race through the lavender - that makes it almost doable.
Lavender is one thing that I can grow well because there is not a lot that I have to do to have it turn out big and beautiful. I have the perfect conditions, hot, dry sandy soil!
My yard is in full bloom and it smells GOOD!

Friday, June 27, 2008

That 6th grade country report!

He did it! I was lucky enough to be able to help with the final touches. T really appreciated my help because he said the he really owed me for my help, even offering to clean out the cat box - WOW! Tbone did a great job getting the information together to give his oral report in Mrs. Rose's class. He was excited to learn all about Spain and he learned (we have no connection to the country, haven't traveled there, no missions, no family traveling there). This report was somewhat stressful as it began before we left on vacation and then he needed to come home to complete it. Thanks to Tbone's Aunt Amy for letting us use her cricuit paper cutter - very cool little machine to make the lettering for the tri fold.
Part of the report requires the student to have some type of food from the country for the class to sample. What foods do you think of when you think of Spain? Exactly. Nothing really leaped out at me except maybe churros from Costco! So, being somewhat creative, we decided on a dessert dish called flan. On the early morning of the report day(6:00 am) I got up and made flan for the class. It turned out really well (it is a favorite of mine) and Tbone said that he liked it too. We should've pulled for an Asian country, the report before T's had a big rice cooker full of rice for the kids to eat.
T bone learned about the biggest food fight in the world that takes place in Spain, more about Christopher Columbus and their interesting history of government. As recent as 1975 the country of Spain finally shed a dictatorship of 40 years. Very interesting stuff. He liked learning that in Spain they celebrate the END of Christmas - with gifts. Four of the five kids have completed this intense project! China, Israel, France and Spain... I wonder what country Patch will choose? Egypt is a current favorite of hers (and sorry Patch, we are NOT going on a family vacation there to see the pyramids).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Newlywed home

I drove up to Logan yesterday to deliver a small load of Ky's things. It was fun to see their apartment all arranged for their new life together. We bought some flowers and planted the pots that are attached to the front stairway. It looks very welcoming and a huge improvement from the dead weeds that were previously growing in them. Their apartment is one of 4 that are in this old home. It reminds me of my grandma's home - the glass door knobs, the old glass in the kitchen cupboards, the very tiny bathroom. It is hot though, no AC. The previous owners painted everything (literally) so their job now is to use razor blades to cut through the paint around the windows so they will open... they need a breeze in there! Last night they were sucessful in getting one of the front windows opened!
We loaded up 10 cans of leftover paint (gift from the departed renters) and located the landfill where they take paint to recycle. This opened up a nice size closet to organize things into. We had to keep taking a "fan break" since there wasn't any air circulating in the back part of the apartment. Finally, we were done and went out to lunch in a nice, air conditioned restaurant.
It was nice to spend time with Ky and later with EJ when he came home from his very long job interview.

Ky and EJ on the front porch of their apartment. Their apartment is the one to the right in the picture. (Cute flower pots!)
I loved the picture of them above their stove - very much in love!
Notice the paint - their apartment is very colorful. You are looking from the living room to the bathroom door - there is not a door for privacy so they bought curtains for the front windows!
Cute little kitchen!
This is where the kitchen table will go - not a great picture - but I love the arch that separates the kitchen for the eating area. I also love the big window they can look out of while they eat.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Casa Seville Remembered...

Last night Spice man and I went out for dinner with Patch and T-bone. As I was helping the kids clear their food into the garbage, a man called out to me. He said our last name from Casa Seville. I probably had my mouth wide open, I haven't heard that name in 21 years. Casa Seville was the small apartment builing that we lived in close to Trolley Square after we were married! I apologized to him and said that I did not recognize him. I got Spice man (he was outside getting the car) to come inside to meet him. Turns out, he was the apartment manager while we lived there. I had NO recollection of him, but Spice man remembered well. They played racquetball together and basketball. Sadly, he has been divorced from his wife for 12 years. Kindly, he said that I hadn't changed at all (ha), but he didn't recognize Spice man right off.

Just a funny little ripple of life passing through a Greek restaurant on a warm summer night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holden Beach!

The board walk from our house to the beach... just a hop, skip and jump
over a crab hole or two to the beach!

The newly weds!

Yes, we brought the lacrosse sticks to the beach!

The annual shell contest sponsered by Grandma and Grandpa!

Beautiful endless beach.

Holden Beach is a sea turtle sanctuary, this nest was on the beach next to our beach house - there are 120 eggs in the nest and in 50-60 days a bunch of baby turtles!!

Sunset at the beach

The kids - this may be the Christmas card photo

The newly weds, again! They are just fun to photograph.

Sisters are the best!

We enjoyed another great week at Holden Beach, NC. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words. I never get tired of taking the same pictures each year. It is hard to believe that this was our 14th year going to NC. I love that we have this as a family tradition and that our kids have memories of time together when it is just us, nothing else intruding. I love the familiarity of "going to the beach". Knowing that I will always make chicken enchiladas, that we will play mad games of scrabble, if we are lucky find a sand dollar or two, eat ice cream at Scoops, eat shrimp at Provisions, stay up way too late and sleep in like I haven't done since college days.

Life is GOOD at the beach.

Patch smiling on the boardwalk. Notice the morning glory type of flowers
that bloom in sand. I loved seeing those flowers each day.

Cousins lookin at me!

Home sweet home for the week.

Something interesting going on below deck...

See you next year!

Life's Big Changes

Why is it so hard to pack up and put away my daughter's (now married one month) room? It was her room for 10 years - we moved into our home on her 10th birthday. Where did that time go to? It was always her room even when she went to college, ready for her anytime she wanted to come home for a weekend visit. Packing up her things was always to be a joint effort but the time was never right to do too much of it before the wedding. I thought today would be a good day to begin. We have been home from vacation for two days, so I am still in the 3 day post vacation days where I don't have to get dressed and do anything too substantial for anyone. I began to sort through things on her nightstand. Little slips of paper with her oh so familiar lists of things to do, her numerous personally burned CD's, samples of lotions and perfumes, loose change, her ticket stub to Wicked in NYC. Her favorite books are on the shelf above her bed and her headboard is a mural of pictures and words from her high school life. I flipped on her CD player to listen to some music and moved to folding the random clothes that had been left on the floor, those hoodies and jackets that aren't necessary yet in her newly married life. My mistake was to take put one of her jacket's to my face and inhale her smell. I sat and cried (no, bawled is a better description here) because I miss her like crazy. I miss that she doesn't know all the funny little things that we are laughing about in the family, who said what, the insider jokes. Am I crazy? Is this normal? I know all the good reasons for her leaving, a great guy, it is what is supposed to happen, but today those things just don't matter.

I made chocolate chip cookies for dinner and the kids are happy and wondering if I am for real. What a day. Maybe I will try again tomorrow, I still have one more day until real life begins again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DMV, oh my

Ernie and I spent 3 hours (really) at the DMV today. It was out of control. I didn't think it would be that long - our section number was D381. When we arrived it was D360. I am still kind of numb and brain dead - I left the house with everything I needed for everyone else and did NOT have a book to read. Spice man cleaned out my car and snatched my reading material that I tuck down between my seat and the middle console. Yikes! It was total mind numbing boredom with lots of people coughing and sneezing, not so good. With all the waiting time, Ernie was able to keep reading and rereading the driving manual and he passed the test. That was GOOD NEWS because I do not know how soon I could bring myself back there. I let him drive home from my sister's house in Draper. I feel bad for my kids, I am just a nervous mother when my kids drive, I try not to be, but that is how it is. I envision the worst and then worry, worry, worry while they drive. It is just too stressful all the way around. Good for Ernie day, not so good for me day, but I guess I got good mom points or something. Dinner didn't happen, Wendy's did for the family (sorry guys).

So glad we are going on vacation to the beach on Friday... I can not wait! A terrific house on the beach... fresh shrimp for dinner on Saturday... and I will NOT forget my books to read on the beach.