Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wedding Weather

Last night at 10:00 pm (after the most exciting Jazz game) I was squished down in my bed with a nervously beating heart, waiting, waiting for that weather report...hooray! According to KSL, May 16th will be sunny and 78 degrees. A perfect day for a spring wedding! That was the last detail that I needed to find out. We are ready and set to go next Friday.
I do still need a pair of shoes, but Ky and I are going shoe shopping Monday at DSW shoes. I have heard it is a fun place with rows and rows of shoes!! My kind of heaven.

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Pedaling said...

yes good weather is a concern- we had horrible weather for kristas march wedding day- but the amazing thing was that so many from his ward in Bountiful came regardless in the sleety snowing yucky evening- and most all of our friends came as well. but good weather would have been nice.