Monday, May 12, 2008

Sick on Mother's Day

I spent Mother's day in bed with a head cold - yuck. I have not been sick for so long, I can't remember when the last time was. Of course, less than a week to the wedding and I have a runny nose, stuffy head, sore throat. I am a mess.
DH bought me a beautiful corsage to wear for mother's day. It is my favorite, a white gardenia and smelled heavenly. This is a sweet reminder of our wedding day as I had gardenia's in my wedding bouquet. Being sick, I kept the corsage on the night stand so I could reach over and sniff it through out the day.
Mother's day this year is also the same day as Patch's 9th birthday! It was a good although sniffley day.


Spin said...

so sorry but get better! it's the big big big exciting week! hope you enjoy every minute of it

Pedaling said...

not sick on moms day!!you have a big week ahead of you-i hope youre feeling better today!

J.E. said...

I know, we missed you on Mother's Day. I hope you are feeling better and can't wait for tomorrow and Friday.