Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pearl Has Passed

With heavy hearts we report that early in the morning of May 6th, Pearl the hamster passed away. She was dearly loved by a sweet little girl who treated her as her best animal friend. Pearl came to our home as a result of a kind Primary teacher who needed to find a home for her. Although tiny, she was just like 4 cotton balls stuck together, she gave love and friendship to Patch who loved her completely from the first day. We had come to accept and like that little critter because of our love for Patch. We will miss seeing her sleeping in her little pear house and enjoying strawberries and apple slices. Pearl was gentle and loved being held by Patch and her friends. Pearl is survived by Grandma Cola, her hamster friend in the cage that was next to hers.
Pearl will be laid to rest tonight during a private family service at the Clegg Pet Cemetery. She will rest next to Oreo the bunny.


Pedaling said...

my condolences to you and your family at this great time of sorrow.

Spin said...

our families next apple slices will be in honor of pearl

J.E. said...

So Sorry to hear. . . Tell Patch we love her and are thinking of her at this time.