Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

My guys holding the catch of the day

Lax Boy and Spice Man (ha ha, I need a nickname for my one and only... spice girls, spice man, too similar? Well, it is part of his business name... we'll see what he thinks!) have returned from Alaska loaded with fish of all kinds. They took off the day after the wedding (note to self in future, not a good idea) to go hunting and gathering and work on their man skills.
There is a very nice assortment of salmon, sea bass, halibut, rock fish and red snapper in the garage freezer. So, if you are ever nearby, Monday is fish night at our house and the freezer is always open as it will be restocked in September.
Even though it was a bit rough handling all the after wedding stuff, I was really wiped out physically and emotionally, I did manage some R&R for myself while they were gone. I think I took 3 naps, read 2 books, caught up on my laundry (not R&R, but an evil necessity of life) AND lost 3 lbs! Not too bad.


Pedaling said...

sounds like a success all the way around-a great catch a new nickname and loss of poundage-all while including a nap and laundry- way to go.

lax is funny- it's my maiden name so i laugh everytime i read it.
and i like spice boy - i think it's perfect- whenever others just use initials for more than one fam member i get totally confused on who we're talking about-
congrats on the 3 pounds-i lost a total of 18 pounds and now am just trying to maintain and even hopefully lose a pound here and there- still not eating any bread, soda or sugar- we'll maybe a bit of sugar here and there to be honest- but not much, and not very often.

J.E. said...

Love the Picture. Lax boy and Spice man look like they did well. I like Spice Man, I didn't even think of Spice Girls when I read it. It fits and Lax boy is a given. I'm glad you got a little R&R, We might take you up on the fish offer, C. is nuts about it!