Monday, May 12, 2008

The Bountiful Temple

The happy couple outside the temple

Saturday evening we were able to take Kylea to the Bountiful Temple. What a wonderful experience for her and for DH and I. I enjoyed the quiet one on one time we had together where we could sit and visit about things that were on her mind. The temple workers were wonderful, so kind and considerate of Kylea. Unknowingly, my aunt and uncle were working at the temple that evening, so that was an extra bonus on the day.
Looking back from the perspective of this day, everything has been worth it, even those hard struggling times when you weren't sure if you were causing more damage to your children than good. Things I thought used to matter don't really matter any more. What matters to me is my family and how I can express my love to them by how I act and serve. It's all about family and how we treat this gift we have been given. I am grateful for my belief in the eternal blessings that come through temple marriages and that families can be together forever.


Spin said...

wow that hits hard when they actually are standing in front of the temple like that. they grow fast. you have done a great job. she looks so happy

Pedaling said...

I think that is such a wonderful & personal experience for a family to share together.
you raised a wonderful gal!

J.E. said...

I'm so proud of Ky. I wish I could have been there and heard that it was very special. What a fabulous experience to share with you first child. My memories go back as far as I can remember with little Ky and I'm so grateful to have her sweet spirit in my life. She is so beautiful and I admire her as a woman now that she is older. I feel truly blessed to have her as a neice.