Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another sister-in-law blogs!

Hooray! Hi Kori! Welcome to the blogging world. I am hoping that my family will slowly, but surely convert to the whole blogging thing... come on guys!


Pedaling said...

the more family you can convert, the more fun it is, that's for sure!
my family have commented to me via e-mail on numerous occassions how much closer they feel with this blog connection-it's great for positive reinforcement along with just keeping everyone up to date in a non intrusive way-they can check if they want, they can read if they want- they don't have to- i like it sooo much better than e-mail--blog before e-mail for me all the way
anyway, it takes awhile to get em all on board and sometimes it takes you setting them up, especially the older ones
but they'll come around, you just have to keep nudging them along!
wow, that was one long comment...

Kori said...

Hey Amy! Thanks so much for your good example - I've been thinking about starting a blog since you sent out your email and am finally jumping in- although it is a big learning curve for me! I had your cute page with Kylea's wedding photos up as inspiration while I figured out how to set up mine! This is such a cool way to journal/scrapbook/ and stay connected. And it's so easy once you get the hang of it! I'm so excited! Now if I could just figure out how to print it out... A big thanks!

Amy said...

My friend, pedaling, takes her blog for the year and transfers it into a book - very cool. I do not know how to do that, but we have time and I will get the info from her. Welcome aboard!
Let's keep working on the other families.