Friday, May 2, 2008

Alta/Jordan Rivalry!

Lax Boy playing Lacrosse

The newest keeper at Jordan

With Ernie's big decision to attend another high school next year, we now have a BIG in family rivalry going on. Luckily, Ernie can take the heat that his two brothers LOVE to dish out all the time. Ernie got a keeper spot on the JV team - go Beetdiggers - and has loved every second of everything. He is the low man on the totem pole as far as keepers, but with a graduating senior and two juniors, his time will come. They will have the chance to go to the state playoffs and see if Jordan can take state again this year. A BIG shoutout to him for trying out with his Euphonium (it looks like a small tuba) and making the wind ensemble group.
Lax Boy is heading with his team to state playoffs in lacrosse next week. It will be an exciting time to see if they can take state again this year. He has loved playing middie this season. I have loved watching him want to make some changes with how he looks - now he goes to the gym, eats healthy and has reached his goal to add 10 lbs. A BIG shoutout to him for being accepted to the Jordan Applied Technical Center in the InformationTechnology/Management Training Program for next year. They only took 50 kids of the 125 who applied. I am happy that he will have this great hands on experience. He will still go to HS for the morning and then leave each day for two hours in this training program. This will be a great fit for Lax Boy, sitting in the traditional classroom has never been easy for him. He will have great hands on experiences with a opporutnity to actually go into a business of his choice and learn in the "real world". This program also has the added benefit of of receiving 15 college credits. I love the concurrent enrollment program!



Spin said...
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Spin said...

looks like they will keep you busy. ky's announcement is gorgeous and she looks beautiful! how exciting!!

Spin said...

also just wanted to ask if Ky is registered anywhere

J.E. said...

I love the updates on your teenagers, this is great! This year we definately want to see LAX boy play before the season is over. And I'm so excited for Ernie and his plans to go to Jordan. It should be a great experience for him! It was so nice seeing you and your girls on Sat.

Amy said...

Ky is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Dillards. Thanks for asking!