Friday, April 11, 2008

Tea at the Grand - How Lovely!

Last Saturday we were able to celebrate the final fit for Ky's wedding dress! HOORAY! It is SO beautiful and she looks SO beautiful in it. In the spirit of such celebration, we took ourselves, the important women in Ky's life, to the Grand America for high tea. Lovely, just lovely! If you have never done this with your close sister friends, I highly recommend it. We visited, sipped herbal tea and hot chocolate, enjoyed yummy and very fussy sandwiches by fireside with the beautiful sounds of a harp nearby. Don't worry that we didn't have enough to eat... the dessert cart came by after everything else with wonderful things to sample. Delicious! After 1 1/2 hours we left comfortably relaxed and ready to continue on with wedding plans. Go there!


Pedaling said...

No way!! You did it. so cool. i already added you to my side bar.
i will be a regular commenter, if you don't mind, that is.

Pedaling said...

tag you are it
how's that for a welcome
check out my blog for the details
you don't have to play, only if you want.

Krista said...

Welcome! You will be so good at this! Is that the chosen dress pictured?! she looks beautiful.