Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Life Lesson Learned

I just don't get why people turn so mean and ugly at sporting events. Why do parents think it is okay to lose control? What kind of example is that? I wonder why the refs even want to keep doing their job - the pay isn't that great to take the constant emotional throwup they get game after game.
I sat through Ernie's soccer game last night and watched these parents just go at it. There is no use in losing control, bad calls happen on both sides. Kids, and parents, need to learn to just keep playing.

We were disappointed when after a recent lose, Ernie's team shook hands with the other team and then left the field without acknowledging the referee's. No hand shakes, no thanks. There is a life lesson that isn't being taught. DH talked with Ernie about how important it is to always thank people, not just referee's, for their efforts. Last night I watched my son quietly find both the referee's and shake their hands. I was proud of him. He learned something important.


Suzie said...

I'm feeling you on this.
Lately I just keep my nose in my book, and keep my distance from the other parents.
I just can't take the contention. It's not why we're there!

good post!

Suzie said...

I came over from Sheila :)

Pedaling said...

gotta love the sport around here!

glad you 2 are setting the example

Amy said...

Hi suzie! Glad to know you. Any friend of Sheila's is a friend of mine.