Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday EJ

A BIG happy birthday to our soon to be son-in-law EJ! He turned 22 today. Nice to have something else to celebrate today besides tax day. We are all happy to welcome him into the family. Do you ever wonder about those someday spouses that will join the family? Will they fit? Will you like them? Tolerate them? I have always hoped that as the kids got to this step that "the one and only" would fit, like a puzzle piece. Happily, EJ fits just fine into the family. He loves Ky like crazy and treats her so wonderfully. He says he was on the 5 year post mission plan, finish school before marriage... until he met his room mate's friends and borrowed their oil to make brownies... returned the oil...and got a date!
He has great goals for his life, served an honorable mission in the big state of Texas and has a strong foundation in the gospel. We enjoy his humor, he has told SOME (probably not all!) great stories from his teenage years and even mission that have kept us laughing for a while. He can hold his own with three active soon to be brothers-in-law. They keep wondering when it will be okay to finally wrestle him down to the ground?!
Happy day EJ. I am glad to call you son-in-law.


J.E. said...

Happy Birthday E.J.!!! Yes welcome to the extended family as well. And Amy,I can't beleive you will have a son-in-law. How crazy. I'm happy to hear he fits so well and can't wait to get to know him even better. The big day is approaching and I'm so anxious to see Kylea all done up like a Bride!!!

Spin said...

They look great together. And I am so glad he fits. Major worry at my house. I am wondering how I am going to sabotage the whole thing if it isnt a good fit