Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Ky! 4.23.2008

I am two days late with this post - the crazy internet was down.

Happy Birthday Ky - you are out of teenville for good! Hooray!
Twenty things about Ky -
1. My smallest baby at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long. Tiny.
2. Love your thick brown hair. Tried to love it when in 3rd grade you were determined to grow out your bangs...
3. You were never a pink girl, I had to stop buying that color by 3rd grade.
4. You have always loved school.
5. You want to become a teacher.
6. Hooray for the acceptance from the university into the education department. Next fall you are on your way to becoming Mrs. J, 4th grade teacher!
7. Love how you love your brothers and sister. Your patience is endless with them.
8. Love how you call to just talk about whatever - even that crazy mechanic looking at EJ's car, I am still laughing about that one now.
9. When you are sick the only thing that will do is Chicken and Stars AND Sleepless in Seattle. (You can keep my copy).
10. So much fun at all the Sephora's we could find in NY!
11. Seeing Wicked with you.
12. You have learned the fine art of housekeeping (or apartment keeping) and you do a pretty good job.
13. Working discounts at Gap, Old Navy - thanks for sharing!
14. Room service for Diet Coke's and cheese cake. (Sorry DH... we were tired!)
15. So happy you have found your prince - you weren't even looking. Remember when you were little you would sing "Someday my prince will come, chewing grape bubblegum!"?
16. So glad he is a Utah boy (at least for the next 2 years).
17. NOW you will have a middle name, KCJ!
18. Your strong testimony of the gospel. It is so wonderful to see you stand on your own gospel feet.
19. Loved seeing that very special temple recommend last Sunday in your hand - you ARE ready.
20. Glad we are family and glad we are friends.

Where did time go? I never planned on the leaving part of raising kids and this has come too quickly for my mother heart. I may cry in the days to come, just know that they are tears of wonderment and joy because of who you are and the new life and experiences that will soon be yours and EJ's Some of those tears will be from the pain of that final cut of those tightly wrapped apron strings. Thanks for being the first, the example to the other siblings and the light of mine and Dad's life. LOVE YOU.

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Spin said...

very sweet thoughts. its crazy and fun all at the same time to watch them grow up. and yes it happens too fast! but look how amazing she is!!