Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally, I have arrived to the blogging world! Please stay tuned... this blog will need a lot of refinement as I have time here and there to get to it. The title of my blog tells it like it is - Holden On. I find that each day I need to hold on to what matters most. It is also a play on words with Holden. Holden Beach and other near by beaches have been our family favorite retreat each year for 15 years in North Carolina. The cares and worries and demands of life are left as we go to relax and enjoy our family on a beautiful stretch of beach.

Happy Birthday to me today!

One of my boys was concerned that he didn't have a gift for me. With each new birthday or holiday, I realize that gifts are highly over rated. There really isn't anything that I need. I am thankful for the gifts that I have in my life that come to me daily and weekly and probably aren't looked on by others as gifts to me.

These are the gifts that I cherish each day.
A husband who loves me and works hard each day to do his best and who wants to be home each night with all of us

My children! I am glad for the changes in ages and stages that allow for new interests and abilities. These five never cease to amaze me with their ideas, actions and humor. Love you!

My sure foundation in Christ - He is my strength and my example.

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