Friday, April 25, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed!

The eagle has landed is DH's phrase for getting something important finally done. It was very approriate to use this week as we had a small animal crisis! Pearl, the miniture hamster was on the lam. Again! Not only was this bad, but we have a kitten named Licorice who loves to play with anything that moves... see where we are going with this? DH was out of town during all the high drama and I was nervous I would find and have to deal with a small white mass of hamster guts - yuck. Tuesday night, Patch said Mom we need to pray for Pearl. So, in her very innocent and believing way she prayed that Pearl would be okay and that please could we find her before Licorice? Patch set up the peanut butter trap (seriously, this one works! We have used it when Pearl was loose before...) in my room as she was sleeping with me. The cat was sleeping on the bed and all was kind of well.
I startled to immediate waking mode around 3:30 am when something alerted me that all was not well. The cat was missing from the bed and I could hear her running around in the kitchen. Not good. Looking around the corner, I was very glad to see there was nothing white hanging from Licorice's mouth, but realized that the rodent must be in the pantry as the cat was going CRAZY to get in there with her little paws. I do not do rodents, don't touch them, nothing. So (sorry again for this!) I woke Patch up to help capture Pearl. The cat got locked in my room and she was MAD and letting us know it. Patch opens the pantry door and there is Pearl, just sitting there. She scooped her up with a happy "Hello Pearl, there you are, you little sweet Pearl!" I just had to laugh AND text the family right then as they all knew the drama of little missing Pearl...
THE EAGLE AKA PEARL HAS LANDED IN HER CAGE! (Sorry LAX Boy, didn't know you keep your phone on and so close to you in the middle of the night. Haha.)

I wanted to include a picture of Pearl but Patch is wary of any picture of her hamsters, (yes, plural) as they might die from being startled by the flash. This happened on a very funny Drake and Josh episode...

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