Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Driving, Driving, Driving Day

Today was one of those days! Driving here and there all day long.
8:10 - left to get someone, she wasn't there...
8:35 - got home to get the call to come and get her, she was there now. (why did I leave the cell phone home?)
10:00 - leave for 10:30 appointment
11:30 - coming home, passed the house where the RS luncheon was starting, FORGOT about this, to go or not to go, make a FAST fruit salad and GO socialize. Had some good key lime pie and it is easy to make.
1:00 - promised Baby (who we will now call Patch - doesn't like Baby name) to take her for some off track crafty things at Michaels and to check out Bday places.
2:00 - home again, drop off Patch, leave to pick up Ernie from school for soccer practice at another school.
3:15 - get home, give someone a ride to where they need to be. Have to buy a bucket of Lacrosse balls - DH forgot that one yesterday.
4:00 - soccer finished early, didn't get the text that there was NO PRACTICE today.
4:30 - drop off lacrosse balls to practice.
5:00 - home, dinner? No way. Pizza night. DH and I are going to Market Street for a late Bday date. Plus, I have my bday coupon! (I know, a coupon to Market Street? Yes, for a free dinner.)
I am hoping to have enough energy to have pleasant adult conversation and not fall asleep on the way there.

Forgot to mention that I received a call to fill a position (Membership VP) on the Jordan High PTSA board for next year - Hmmmm. The only thing I know about Jordan High Beetdiggers is where to find the bathroom off of the main entrance! Who even knows that I have a kid going there next year??!

Don't you love these kind of days? SOMEday I will miss them.


J.E. said...

Oh my Goodness. I'll never complain about taking and picking up Finn from the babysitters again! You definately have a lot going on with all my favorite nieces and nephews at your house.
p.s. Funny that Patch was so crazy about the 'baby' name, but she is your baby...

Pedaling said...

oops now i realize i was calling her by the wrong nick name-i got her and her older bro mixed up on the names didn't i? silly me.

sounds like just another crazy day in paradise

hope you got some choc cake at market street!

Spin said...

mmmmm! market street. a nice ending to your typical day. are you still rs pres?