Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was hoping to save time today by sending my 16 year old to the ATM to get some cash out. I thought I gave a complete tutorial on using an ATM... my pin number, what to push and not to push. My only mistake was forgetting to tell him that if you leave the card in the ATM (after the transaction) LONGER that TEN SECONDS, the ATM will suck your card back in as a security measure. Said card will not be available until after 11:00 am on the next business day. I did not save myself time in the long run. Oh well, another little adult lesson learned for my teen ager. How to work an ATM. I know in their finance required class in high school they learn how to write checks, maybe a quick lesson on the fine art of using an ATM would be apropos?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boy Humor At Its Best!

I am still laughing about Aaron's answer to Dog Patch - a girls choice casual dance this month at JHS. His date "double dog dared him" to go to the dance with millions of yummy dog bones around our front porch (well yummy to Roxy, she is still snacking on them!).
So, in keeping with the theme of "Dog Patch" Aaron and I were brain storming an answer to the girl in question last night. I must have been tired, caffeine deprived, or completely off my rocker because what we came up with was "boy humor" at its best.
Here is the story...
When Randy goes to Alaska he likes to bring home small gifts for the kids. Well, in Alaska what is there to bring home to the kids besides wild animal bones, animal fur, parts of animals?? Yes, that year the boys received wolf leg fur and paws. So we have 3 of these things floating around and I thought - PAWS - DOG PATCH - "PAWS"ITVELY - would work perfectly. Aaron knew right where to find that gross wolf part. Haylie was mortified and disgusted that we even had that and horrified that someone would cut of a leg of a wolf. Long explanations followed about how humanely this was done, etc.
The wolf paw was perfect for the answer. It read, YES! It will be "PAWS"ITVELY wonderful to go to Dog Patch with you! It was complete with the requisite cute dog clip art and tied off with a plum satiny ribbon.
But, alas, it was a dried up wolf paw and there is no getting over THAT fact.

Needless to say that the girl in question was quited shocked to receive her answer on her doorstep... and I feel a twinge of guilt for finding this answer so funny. I still am chuckling to myself even now. I blame it on the fact that I am surrounded by this boy humor and that is where I let it get away from me. I should have helped Aaron to sweeten up his answer and I should've kept my mouth shut about that Paw!
After we told Josh about the whole adventure, he was "DUH, I hope she returns it!"
I am sure it is deep down in her garbage can by now.

That's okay, we still have two more.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reasons for my Headache

I am not sure why I have a killer headache today, so I have made a list of possibilities...
1. today is day 1 of a 12 week healthy eating plan and no processed sugar. (why do we do this to ourselves?) Knowing this...
2. Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookie dough to send up to Logan for Kylea and Eric (they got half the batch) and I over indulged with my spoon all afternoon long and aren't Sunday afternoons looooong? I never baked a single cookie, but sure enjoyed all that delicious cookie dough!
3. today I started a 4 week boot camp program at 6 am at the gym (again why?)
4. post neck strain from the car accident, sometimes I feel like I have an eighty year old neck - limited range of motion, and pain.
5. last night I stayed up way too late reading the newest Dan Brown novel - page 382 left me horrified (just keep reading through to the end and it will make sense - if any of his writing really makes sense.)

Pick a reason, they all qualify for helping to prolong the killer headache.

Do I really need to have dinner tonight? Is there a headache clause for the kitchen? The oven has been heated up for 1/2 hour and the salmon is defrosted in the sink...just a few more things to do before I can officially call it quits for the day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I went to parent teacher conference with Aaron on Tuesday night. It was interesting in a few ways. First, six of his eight teachers are men. Usually, it is the other way around. I think that is awesome. I was so impressed with his math teacher and his physics teacher (I forgot he was taking physics. He is such a self motivated kid that sometimes what he is doing slips through the cracks of my scope.) Aaron says that his physics teacher reminds him of his grandpa Fisher. That is a big compliment to the teacher in terms of his intelligence and his kindness. You can't do better than emulate a loving grandpa.
These teachers - in fact all of his teachers - were genuinely interested in Aaron and if he was understanding the class material. I was a bystander while they talked with my son. I enjoyed listening to him talk, it was much more than the teen talk of "yeah, no, okay, sure", but real conversation. I got a glimpse of who he is becoming. It was a very enjoyable evening walking around and talking with him while we waited to see his teachers. For me there is not much to say to a teacher when his class percentage is 98.75% or 108.89%. Just a heartfelt thanks for being a good teacher, for loving to teach kids rather than loving a huge paycheck. I am grateful.

I loved the advice from his seminary teacher. He said to Aaron, "Do your scripture reading first thing before your homework and you will be so much further ahead when you begin your school studies. The Lord will see this and bless you."

Exactly. True.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Stuff

I went to parent teacher conference tonight at Jordan with Aaron. I always try to look nice when I go... so I fixed my hair, clean clothes ,etc (some days that doesn't always happen). While driving there I realize that I did not change my shoes! Not good. I had on the pair I leave by the garage door, my "run outside in the early morning with the dog to make sure she goes pee and poo shoes". Like I said not good. I had been busy with the dog and then running around the house before I left and I didn't change them for my much cuter black flats. I felt like a dork but hopefully pulled off the look okay. Oh well. Sometimes there is just too much going on in the brain.
Maybe my marbles have been jiggled too much...

Last week I was in a car that was rear ended on 3300 South. The young guy was reaching down for his cell phone on the floor of his car and hit us dead on. Okay - there is no call that is that important! I am like a broken record with my kids about cell phones and cars. I have been visiting the chiropractor for the last 5 days trying to find some head and neck pain relief. About this time of night my head begins to hurt, kind of a band of pain from the base of my neck up my skull until it settles right on top of my head. My two sister-in-laws and mother-in-law were also in the car and they are also suffering with whip lash.

I am tired of cleaning up mouse guts from the back door. Our cat is a fanatic hunter and must eat the whole mouse except for the stomach and intestines (as far as I can identify those tiny little organs - yuck)!
I know this is a tribute of her affection for us but, come on cat. Leave the guts in the bushes.

Tanner gets braces tomorrow - another big moment in his life. Tonight he was trying to convince me that his teeth are really straight so he didn't really need them, did he?
I so enjoy my time with him driving to and from school and to practice at night. He is a real conversationalist and we have a great time laughing together. When a really good (OLD) rock and roll song comes on, he just laughs when I turn it up real loud and try to sing along. He always says, "Duh mom, no one listens to this stuff anymore." Really?!! Donna Summers?? Disco forever! Earth Wind and Fire??
He is a good son.
Today he told me he is working on praying every morning and every night. It was like "can I have oatmeal for breakfast and I am praying every morning and night". Love him. If anyone loses anything in this house he is the first one to say "Well, have you prayed about it? You know that really works".

Randy wants him to hit puberty full force and get the testosterone going strong, but I love my sweet boy as is. Some days he will wake up and say "we need to clean this house, I feel like cleaning"!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Those that live in our vicinity know that the exchange student we were expecting did not happen. A last minute cancellation of 77 visas by the state department put the brakes to a bunch of middle eastern kids coming to the US for a year. We were so sad. He was ready to travel in five days when the cancellation came. There was some investigating into some bad stuff with exchange students in PA - so instead of thinking that 99% of all the hosting families are good and honest and will actually feed their students (really, a couple of students were hospitalized for starving - hard to believe), the state department cancelled all their leadership scholarship winners (77) across the board.
Maybe we will be the chance to host him again next year. We did get an invite from Ali's mom to come to Jordan or Qatar anytime to visit... that would be a fun trip!

So - I do have a more organized, dejunked basement now. I probably wouldn't have tackled half of that during the summer if I didn't think I HAD to.

Lately, as if I didn't have anything else to do - I am trying to train our dog Roxy to learn to live within the boundaries of a wireless fence. She got so scared from the training sessions and the required "shock treatment" that she has a hard time getting up her nerve to get outside. I took yesterday and today off of training and will go to the pet store tomorrow to buy some very yummy bribery treats for her.
We'll see how it all goes. I am invisioning a day when I can drive away and wave to her and she will be obedient and not shock herself trying to leave. It can happen!

I do enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon and evening... I need to will myself to get up and fix something to feed the family. Randy left town today for Virginia so my cooking expectations drop a notch or two... I think the kids want spaghetti on Monday and Wendesday before he returns. (Yes, Randy is not a big spaghetti lover.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why not?!

It's only been 3 months... time flies!
We are getting ready for another life changing experience around our home. We will be hosting an exchange student from Quatar for the upcoming school year. Nothing says clean and gut the closets like someone coming for an extended stay in your home. I am talking underbed, top of closet, every outdated school paper, rock, project that doesn't grab my mother's heart is hitting the chopping block of garbage. I saw today that an average american produces around 4.5 pounds of garbage per day - I am over the quota for sure and will be until August 8th.
This has been along time coming - the cleaning, not the student.

Our student is named Ali and he is 15 and will be going to Jordan with Aaron for the school year. I don't have a ton of facts yet, still waiting for the more in depth paperwork. I have always had this on my list of things to do, I was an exchange student myself when I was 16. I spent the summer in Argentina and it was wonderful.
Do you ever have experiences that are so random that you know they are given to you for a reason? This is one of them. It was so random how we were contacted about this student. The original host family backed out last minute so the hunt was on for a host family... can you imagine making those calls? Er, hello? I need to ask if you are interested in taking in a student for the school year - feed him and give him a great experience? Like I said, it was such an interesting call that it just felt immediately right. It took Randy a couple of weeks to "get his head around it", he asked all the good questions that I completely didn't think about. Sometimes my heart races ahead of my head!

Interesting stuff. Never dull around here.